Royal-Pedic Organic Mattresses


“The Malibu”

King Size Organic Mattress

  • Innerspring
  • TSpring
  • Sheep

Malibu is a 21-mile strip of Pacific coastline; a beachfront community famous for its warm, sandy beaches, and for being the home of countless movie stars and others associated with the Southern California entertainment industries. Most Malibu residents live within a few hundred yards of Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1), which traverses the city, with some residents living up to a mile away from the beach up narrow canyons; The Malibu mattress is our finest offering coming out of this beautiful area, and Royal Pedic is the most reputable company you would ever want to deal with.

Through combining the finest natural and hypoallergenic materials from around the world with expert hand craftsmanship, Royal-Pedic has been promoting healthful sleep for more than 60 years. These premium mattresses have comforted film celebrities, U.S. presidents, international royalty and sports superstars. Not to mention private individuals who recognize a deluxe mattress that will provide the restful, re-energizing, truly good night’s sleep that will enable them to feel good and perform at their best.

This mattress is rated Firm. “The Malibu contains the finest Long Staple Certified Organic Cotton grown in California and Texas…The fabric is Certified Organic Cotton and is woven in Germany.” The untreated Lamb’s Wool is from France, where the sheep live in wide open spaces, rather than being cooped up in small pens: “After shearing, the wool is cleaned in a soap-based, chemical-free solution that preserves the natural lanolin – a dust mite repellent.” The Lamb’s Wool provides a comforting quilted natural fiber layer underneath the cotton mattress covering (ticking).

The Royal-Flex® 630i Innerspring System was designed in Switzerland, and contains double the number of coils over the industry standard. The open-ended, unknotted, six-turn coils provide greater flexibility, greater sensitivity to body contours, and better overall body support for total relaxation. T-Spring side supports around the perimeter of the spring system provide edge firmness.

This deluxe mattress is made in the USA ,exclusively for The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®. Add any of these natural rubber pillowtops to soften this mattress up. Protect your mattress with an organic wool or cotton mattress protector.


  • Mattress height : 9 inches
  • Innerspring height: 8.5 inches
  • Long Staple Certified Organic Cotton”
  • The cotton ticking and padding in The Royal-Pedics Vegan mattress is certified organic
  • Untreated French Lamb’s Wool, a natural fire retardant
  • Royal-Flex® 630i innerspring system
  • T-Spring side supports
  • Mold and dust mite resistant
  • Federal Fire Law 1633 Compliant
  • 10-year warranty non pro rated


size Mattress Only price Mattress & Boxspring Price
Twin (38"x75"x8.5"-9") $2104 $2714
Twin XL (38"x80"x8.5"-9") $2242 $2857
Full (54"x75"x8.5"-9") $2554 $3243
Queen (60"x80"x8.5"-9") $2875 $3649
Split Queen $3374 $4148
King/E (76"x80"x8.5"-9") $3378 $4608
King/Cal. (72"x84"x8.5"-9") $3378 $4608


“The Vegan Ease”

Naturally Organic Mattress

  • Innerspring
  • TSpring
  • Hand tufted
  • Cotton Plant

Everything “The Malibu” has to Offer Except the Wool

Even though the sheep live in wide open spaces, rather than being cooped up in a small space, and are treated humanely throughout their lives, we believe we have a system for Vegans or anyone not interested in using wool in a mattress system. Some people are allergic to natural wool, and this is an alternative as well. This mattress is rated firm without a pillowtop.

When you’re looking for the ultimate in eco-purity, The Vegan Ease is the mattress you want. This Firm mattress…provides…support with multiple layers of pristine Staple Cotton fabric, that is free of pesticides, chemical treatments and flame retardants. The layers are supported by our 10 oz. heavy-duty Cotton fabric to prevent the staple cotton from pocketing into the coils. Our Swiss-designed 630i Royal Flex® Innerspring System provides excellent support and durability.

“More than 50 pounds of pre-compressed Staple  Cotton fabric go into this mattress. These mattresses are rated firm. The cotton fabric is from the finest long-staple cotton grown in Texas and California and is woven in Germany. We put alot into making a king-size Royal Pedic Cotton Mattress! ….The inner Cotton padding is encased in our Cotton ticking, and woven the U.S. and Peru,” which ventilates body heat, is free of chemicals, and is durable. In contrast, most brands of mattresses use shiny polyester fabrics that contain chemical flame retardants.

“The mattress is hand tufted the old-fashioned way, with European tufting straps to further pre-compress the Cotton padding for orthopedic back support.” We do not use buttons to tuft our mattresses because buttons have a tendency to turn on their side creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Protect your mattress with an organic wool or cotton mattress protector.


  • Mattress height: 9 inches
  • Foundation height: 8.5 inches
  • No Wool
  • Cotton ticking and padding is certified organic
  • Royal-Flex® 630i innerspring system
  • T-Spring side supports
  • Hand-tufted with European tufting straps for support
  • Mold and dust mite resistant
  • Made in Southern California
  • Rated Firm
  • Mattress 10-year warranty non-prorated

NOTE: To purchase this mattress, you must have a supporting note from a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Chiropractic. This mattress contains no French Wool Wrap, which naturally provides a fire barrier to pass Federal Fire Law 1633.


size Mattress Only price Mattress & Boxspring price
Twin (38"x75"x8"-8.5") $1850 $2356
Twin XL (38"x80"x8"-8.5") $1989 $2499
Full (54"x75"x8"-8.5") $2256 $2828
Queen (60"x80"x8"-8.5") $2516 $3142
Split Queen $3015 $3641
King/E (76"x80"x8"-8.5") $2968 $3988
King/Cal. (72"x84"x8"-8.5") $2968 $3988